Friday, March 9, 2012

100 days of Qi

Having watched some of Andrew Nugent-Head's fascinating free webinars, I've decided to challenge myself to regular Qigong practice for 100 days.  I've always been somewhat of a 'Qi sceptic', or at least I've been very cautious not to claim anything I can't back up with personal experience.  I'm currently on day 3, and I will post updates occasionally in case anyone is interested.

Please note: this blog is intended for educational and general interest purposes only. If you have any health concerns, please discuss them with your doctor.

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  1. What type of Qigong training have you been practicing now? Sometimes, an acupuncturist also need to relax on their own time, right? We strive to relieve our patient's pains, but we also need to release our own set of pains and stress. :)